An Army Spouse’s Journey from Homelessness and Incarceration to Running a Nonprofit

This week: From Living on the Streets to Helping the Homeless as a Military Spouse

Army spouse Marla Bautista shares her personal story of abuse, incarceration and homelessness as a young adult and how those experiences inspired her family’s nonprofit helping the homeless community wherever the military takes them.

About the Guests:

Marla Bautista is the author of “My Thoughts Abandoned” and co-author of “Brave Women, Strong Faith.” She is also a freelance writer, blogger and speaker featured in many national publications. However, her passion is giving to people in need. She does so as the co-founder of the Bautista Project Inc., a nonprofit organization started in 2016 that provides basic living essentials, mentorship, educational resources and other much-needed resources for homeless community members. The organizations’ ultimate goal is to open a reintegration shelter, empowering homeless community members to reintegrate into society successfully. Bautista is an Army spouse of 13 years and a mother of three currently living in Tampa, Florida.

About the Podcast:

The Spouse Angle is a podcast breaking down the news for military spouses and their families. Each episode features subject-matter experts and military guests who dive into current events from a military perspective — everything from new policy changes to research on family lifestyle challenges. The podcast is hosted by Natalie Gross, a freelance journalist and former Military Times reporter who grew up in a military family.

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