Every Dollar Matters

Somewhere near the loud neon lights of Las Vegas, a hero quietly does their part to help our forgotten veterans — veterans who are living and dying on the streets of our nation.

Every month, without fail, the Veterans Matter office receives a letter, post marked from Las Vegas, Nevada. There’s no return address. Without any fanfare, we open the letter and find a simple one dollar bill. There’s George Washington’s face, humbly reminding us of the sacrifices our veterans make in the name of freedom, safety, and prosperity.

There’s no note, nothing that we can respond to say, on behalf of our heroes, how appreciative we are. The anonymity of this quiet monthly donation inspires the imagination.

Perhaps the person donates because their son or daughter served our country in Iraq and Aphganistan, enduring the sweltering heat and danger, putting their life on the line through three tours to ensure the safety of us all.

Maybe the donor is a veteran and once experienced homelessness themselves after returning from the horrors of the Vietnam War, fighting against Communism in the forests dotted with red ant hills and bright green elephant grass.

Or maybe their just a regular, proud American, who wants to support our forgotten heroes. This 1 dollar, along with other dollars, helps house another veteran, everytime. For the veterans who get housed, this dollar matters.

Whoever you are who sends these dollars, the veterans you help house each month thank you and want you to know, your 1 dollar truly matters.

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