Flu Shot

I’m telling you, the VA has an evening school for an advance degree in how to screw up. You just can’t make this stuff up.I was told by several VA medical people, that if you are in fairly good shape, to wait to get the flu shot until mid to late November. Point is the flu doesn’t typically show up in most areas until December and the faccine wears down over time so it would be stronger for you at peak season if you wait. So 2 weeks ago I call my VA clinic and they have no HD shots, which is for people over 65. They won’t be getting anymore according to my nurse. So, I go to the VAMC; the waiting room is going to collapse, so I figure I will try Wallgreens’ which also is an outlet for the VA. They have been doing the flu shots for the VA the last couple of years.I call; they have the HD shot. I go there and she says, we have the shot but the VA won’t pay for the HD shot. It will cost you $65 if you don’t have a Medicare card. Gotta be a mistake; nothing like that at the VA web site. Yup. I can get the regular shot free, but the HD is $65 bananas. Nope. I go today to the VAMC;  no more HD vaccines available.” Why don’t I try Walgreens”? I explain; she calls the local Walgreens’. $65 bananas. So I get the regular shot not the HD shot. Nurse says it’s better than nothing.  I call the VA Whitehouse and tell them. They are going to look into it. I said get it moving; older veterans are going to lose out again!

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