More retro=longer decision time?

Afternoon folks from sunny Palm Beach, it sure doesn’t feel Christmas(y) here, but another day in paradise!


Got an Email on Ebenefits/ this morning telling me my original decision date for my already SC claim increase has been moved from 12/22/2019 to 03/14/2020.

ALL evidence was submitted, including results from C&P exams, and accepted back on 11/18/2019, as per conversation with VA toll free number.

Two of the increase claims dated back to 11/20/1990, and one increase claim dates back to 03/18/2010. These we all included in this claim dated above.

VA also informed me on Ebenefits that nothing else was needed or required.


I’ve gotten all kinds of opinions on why the delay is taking place; everything from “It’s the holidays” to “The VA has cut back on the number of people working on these claims”


Got one interesting email this morning here from a seasoned member who suggested that “The amount of retro involved is more than likely the reason for delay..”


Is there a long drawn-out process that has to happen when paying out retro? More retro=longer decision time?


All input welcome.


Allan 2-2-0 HUAH!







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