Needed: Your comments on the VA MISSION Act’s new access standard

Needed: Your comments on the VA MISSION Act’s new access standard

Have you ever wanted to tell the VA how they could best serve you – and hoped they’d listen?

Well, here’s your chance!

Last week, the VA opened public comments on the new access standards proposed under the VA MISSION Act. These standards would streamline the process for veterans to get medical appointments and provide more choice over care.

If you qualified to participate in the old Veterans Choice Program, you know that it was governed by arbitrary criteria. You had to live more than 40 miles away from any VA facility or be on a wait list longer than 30 days to have the option to visit a non-VA doctor.

The new access standards for community care under the VA MISSION Act simplify those rules to allow more access to care at non-VA facilities. Access will be based on drive time and wait time rather than mileage. Any drive to a VA facility more than 30 minutes away qualifies a veteran for non-VA care.

New standards also decrease the wait time for primary, specialty and mental health care before a patient can seek community care. That means more vets will have the opportunity to see doctors in a more-timely manner.

Now the VA needs to hear from veterans and military family members.

You can submit your own comment, letting the VA and Congress know that these new access standards put veterans in control of their health care, just as it should be. Take a moment to submit your comment before the March 25 deadline!

Have questions about the VA MISSION Act and what it means for veterans? CVA has your answers!

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  • enrique yanez says:

    The veterans of El Paso, Texas need VA Hospital here, We were supposed to a new VA Outpatient clinic next to the Beaumont Army Hospital infar east El Paso on Ft. Bliss land. The director Mr. Amaral instead has chosen to have three or four small clinic around the city. We believe he wants to cut down on travel pay thus allowing him to get a larger bonus, this man is a retired US Army Col. We could use the ole Beaumont Army Hospital ,y. This man is the worst Director we have y. our VA clinic is next to it, It just not make any sense. Please email me with your view. We used to have weekly vet groups at the clinic, this man has cut them down to once a month thus saving the VA more money, this man is by far the worse Director we have ever had. Enrique Yanez,, Vietnam Veteran

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