Respiratory Cancer, AO presumptive

Hi all,

Been a while since I have been on here.  I had a lung resection on Valentines day and have had a long recovery.  After removal of tumor it was later diagnosed with Stage 4 Squamous Cell Carcinoma located in my pleural cavity.  I am treated every 21 days with infusion of Keytruda, an immunotherapy drug.  I will have to have the rest of my life.  I filed a new claim today for Cancer, Respiratory….Presumptive Agent Orange Condition.  I have been SMC-S housebound award since 2008.   My question is…..while undergoing treatment for service connected AO presumption condition, the VA rates that condition 100% and since what I have is debilitating condition that will require treatment rest of my life it is likely to be one more condition that is permanent 100%.  Since I already have a service connected condition rated at 100% alone and others that are 70%,70%, 50%, 10%, 10% that is the SMC-S…… there any other SMC that would increase due to TWO SEPERATE Conditions each stand alone 100% each with others totaling 60% or more?

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