Richardson Texas 1st Graders Thank Veterans

“We got a call from Richland Elementary School in Richardson Texas about first graders who wanted to thank veterans. They asked for our help for this class project,” said Melyssa Hodges, Veterans Home Care Regional Support Specialist

They wanted to write thank you letters to veterans who served our country, but they needed help getting their cards delivered to actual veterans.

After we explained how Veterans Home Care helps wartime veterans and surviving spouses afford in-home care, the class decided to entrust us with their hand-written, illustrated thank you notes.

“I asked our VetAssist regional managers to deliver the letters when they visited the home of a wartime veteran. Everyone was on board and they really enjoyed seeing these handwritten notes,” said Melyssa.

Watch this short video and see the results.

We applaud those first graders and their teacher for wanting to recognize veterans. We give these students an A+.

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