Veterans Home Care featured on CBS Affiliate-KMOV-TV’s Great Day St. Louis

On October 21, 2019, St. Louis CBS Affiliate-KMOV-TV4 aired a feature about Veterans Home Care and reporter Matt Chambers interviewed company founder and CEO Bonnie Laiderman.

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Matt: When Bonnie Laiderman found out that her mother, the widow of a Korean War veteran, had been missing out on a little-known government pension for decades, she was furious. Unfortunately, it was too late for Bonnie’s mom, but it is not too late for the wartime veteran in your life or maybe that veteran’s surviving spouse. Bonnie started a company to make sure that no one had to go through her anguish.  This is the story of that company, Veterans Home Care

Bonnie: My mom was a surviving spouse of a Korean War vet. My mom was a widow for 20 years when I found out about the (VA) program. Well the next day, the doctor called and said mom is terminal.

Bonnie’s mother was the inspiration for starting Veterans Home Care, a company that serves veterans and their spouses in 44 states coast-to-coast.

Matt: Bonnie’s mother would never receive a dime from this little-known program

Bonnie: I was more than frustrated…I was appalled. I said “Mom. I am starting a new company. I am determined to help people get this program. It is horrible that you didn’t know about it.”  It gave me a lot of energy because I was really angry and I’m so glad I was because I’ve helped over 17,000 people get this program since then.

Matt: 17,000 people that might not have even known about this program and had it not been for the company that Bonnie started, Veterans Home Care

Bonnie: Veterans Home Care is a company that assists and coordinates a pension, a little-know pension called Aid and Attendance, for home care and day care

Matt: Now, it is possible to apply for this pension yourself, but good luck, it’s not a simple process. Working your way through the application, the net worth restrictions, the qualifying medical expenses, it can be confusing and very time consuming, but here’s the good news.  Any veteran age 65 years or older who served during wartime, could be eligible.

Veterans Home Care CEO/Founder gave KMOV-TV4 Reporter Matt Chambers the full tour of the St. Louis headquarters after being interviewed for a segment on Great Day St. Louis.

Bonnie: It didn’t matter if they went overseas. It didn’t matter if they say at a desk, they would be eligible.

Matt: And just as important, their surviving spouses might be eligible too.

Bonnie: We get about 100 calls a day. And for the people that do not qualify, we offer them some other resource. We never say, “Hello/ Goodbye,” we always say “we need to help find you other help.“

Matt: As far as customer satisfaction, well, it’s through the roof.

Bonnie: Ninety-eight percent of our clients (surveyed) said they would recommend us to another person. We get letters everyday telling us, “Thank God for your service.” “You are so wonderful. The people in your company helped us out beyond our understanding.”

People walk in this office with a smile every day. Seventy people here in this (St. Louis) office and they all love what they do because they are helping veterans and surviving spouses and there is no better feeling.

Matt: They are doing amazing work.  By the way, we want to wish an early happy birthday to Veterans Home Care’s oldest client, Belle Christian who will be 107 on November 9th. She lives with her great granddaughter in Afton. How about that! Happy Birthday!

Mrs. Belle Christian is Veteran Home Care’s oldest client and as the surviving spouse of a WWI veteran, she qualifies for both the Aid and Attendance and the VetAssist Program

To find out of you or your loved one qualifies for the VetAssist Program, providing home care or adult day care to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses with no out-of-pocket cost, call that number right there: 888.314.6075 or visit the Veterans Home Care website at

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