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For many of our combat veterans, separating from the military and entering the civilian world is a path many are not comfortable taking on. For these veterans, simply being wounded is stress enough, but imagine now having to start your life all over in an ever changing civilian world. Thankfully there are organizations out there for our disabled veterans that can continue to give them that sense of service to their country. H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps is one such program created by HSI, ICE, and SOCOM in conjunction with the National Association to Protect Children that is giving  veterans a chance to continue to serve, only this time for the most vulnerable who have no voice and seek protection from those who prey on them.

The only thought that comes to mind about child exploitation, is simple, it shouldn’t exist and those that commit these crimes should be exterminated from the world. Unfortunately child exploitation is happening way to often and with the help from the internet it has spread rapidly. Thanks to programs like H.E.R.O Child-Rescue Corps , disabled veterans are given a new opportunity to fight for those without a voice, only this time it’s a battle like no other. With an extensive training program these veterans find themselves on the forefront on the fight to stop child exploitation, working side by side with federal agencies and other top level individuals. Having a friend whose job is to hunt down the scum that prey on children and who has even worked alongside Protect.org veterans, I have a better understanding of just how worldwide of a problem this is, but also how my fellow veterans are stepping up in a big way.

H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps is a much needed program that should be greatly supported in a time where crimes against children are taking place way to often. There is no better group of individuals to help get in this fight, than my fellow United States Veterans. To learn more about this program and the impact veterans are making in the fight against child exploitation, visit http://www.protect.org/  and https://www.ice.gov/hero . If we should ever think about bringing a child into this world, then it is up to us adults to bring them into a safe world free from these predators.

Do your part and support H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps and the many organisations and agencies who work 24-7 protecting our children.

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