Saying Goodbye for Now to Man’s Best Friend

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It is Never easy to lay Man’s Best friend to rest after 13 yrs of love. 

Daisy came to me after separating from the military and having gone through a tough time of transitioning into the civilian world. This was also the time I lost Duke who battled through cancer, but ultimately passed after only 7 yrs of life. Having Daisy beside me just like Duke, got me up in the mornings and got me going. The stories of just how much help these animals give to not only our military, but for so many people out there are truly a symbol of what these animals can do for us everyday. Our pups and all animals out there deserve the best care and treatment one can give, because they truly love us when we need it.

Thank You to all in the veterinarian field, and all the volunteers in the many shelters out there working hard everyday to care for the thousands of animals, if not more who are waiting for a home with a loving family. Let us do more for the safety and well being for these animals, because they deserve every bit of it.

Although Daisy will not be by my side for now, the memories will never fade, and I can only believe we will reunite again down the road. It truly is amazing how much these animals become your family.

R.I.P Daisy, and for all the other incredible pups we have lost that have given us so much love, We Will Never Forget! -Steve



Thank you to @littleshelter for allowing us to bring Daisy into our lives and for the love she gave us for all these years.

Please support their cause and the many shelters out there.

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