Sitrep UK: Empty Stores, Empty Roads and Advise from a former Spy

Tuesday 24th March 2020. SERIOUS ADVICE – STAY WHERE YOU ARE – Reasons and logic. If you are financially secure the costs of living and the LIFE where you are is MUCH better than here now. The Government has gone into panic mode, banning virtually all movement from your home, just one shopping trip, one exercise session of half an hour, only on your own. Gatherings of more than 2, yes two people banned, and lock downs on people to stay in their homes for 14 days if there is any chance they have contact with infection. All this enforced by the POLICE and the Army (20,000 squaddies drafted in).  Right now panic buying in the remaining food stores, ALL bars, eating out, hotels, ALL shops SHUTDOWN.

Now flights have already been curtailed but that will free up as the Summer proceeds and the weather gets warmer. The intention is to AVOID the Winter regular Flu crisis so that in warmer weather the load on the hospitals will be less. Even hair dressers are shut, spas, gyms, all sport.

So my serious advice is you are much better where you are. Less chance of infection as they say there are over 100,000 virus cases in the UK, 50% in London and this is doubling every three days, to potentially 3 million cases by the end of the year. Avoid unnecessary contact with people, especially dangerous high contact people, like bar girls etc, dumb folk, stupid folk.

You will not be able to help your mother much, there are care and voluntary services to help the elderly and she is locked down at home along with one a half million over 70s including me. Prices are rising sharply, the roads are empty, supermarkets are selling out of everything.

Confer as you wish but if you are careful you are safer where you are. I feel the blow back from this will kick in BIG TIME in about three weeks here as firms shut down. Ignore the FCO advise to fly home – they are just covering their butts. Flights are very, very difficult to find and I have e-mails from folk abroad, buying flights, flight cancelled and no refund so lost money. Get out some cash. You can order online from Amazon UV light sterilisers for about less than £30. Don’t look into the UV and only keep them on for 15 minutes because the ozone is a bit toxic but useful to sterilise mail, packages, air, etc. etc.

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